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Rubber and cloth products

Over 50 years of activity, Termogomma has specialized in the production of rubber with inserts. In addition to the molding of rubber metal details, we produce rubber cloth components guaranteeing and optimal joint with the insert in compliance with dimensional tolerances The membrane, hoses, couplings and renforces developed by us have a great resitance to wheather agents and ozone Furthermore, the cloth insert into rubber provides an unquestionable competitive advantage: better resistance to tear, a mechanical characteristic that makes it suitable for current and general uses.

rubber and cloth products

The clothed inserts ensure tear resistance and durability

Rubber-cloth products, such as membrane, reinforced couplings and hoses, are essential components in a wide range of industrial applications.

This products are manifactured to resist mechanical, chemical and thermal stresses and they are used in several sectors, including agricultural, pharmaceutical and industry.

Rubber cloth membrane

They are used as protective covering for surfaces that must be waterproofed. They are frequently used as internal covering of liquids, gas and chemical products storage tanks This is because rubber cloth is resistant to corrosion and it can resist a wide range of chemical substances. Rubber cloth provides a great resistance to bad weather, wear and chemical agents and it is a durable and convenient option for surface protection.

Transmission elastic coupling

They are used to connect the drive shafts so that they can transmit the movement and power from one shaft to the other, allowing the system to function well. Rubber cloth provides a very high traction resistance, and it can resist great mechanical stresses and extreme temperatures. The reinforced rubber cloth couplings are also used as connection elements in several industrial applications, such as in pipe systems.

Rubber cloth hoses

They are used for aspiration,extraction ad air blowing They can be used in several industrial application, such as heating , air conditioning and ventilation industrial systems. Rubber cloth hoses provides a great resistance to corrosion, abrasion and high temperatures.

Rubber cloth provides a greater resistance to wear, bad weathering and chemical agents than other materials. Furthermore, rubber cloth has a great flexibility and resistance to traction, that make it an ideal option for the applications that require a high level of flexibility and mechanical resistance.

Why choose our rubber cloth products?

There are many reasons why our rubber cloth prducts are the best choice for your activity. Here some of the advantages that you can obtain by choosing our products:

  1. High quality: our products are manifactured with high quality materials that make them resistant to wear and bad weathering. We guarantee to use only high quality rubber and reinforced cloth, so that our products are long-lasting.
  2. Wide range of products: we provide a wide range of rubber cloth products, including membrane, reinforced couplings and hoses. In this way you can easly find the product that best suits your needs.
  3. Customization: if you need a customized product, we are able to provide it. We can customize the products according to your specific needs , guaranteeing that the product is perfectly suitable to your activity.
  4. Customer support: we provide an excellent customer support in order to ensure you receive every information and help necessary to choose the right product.

The rubber cloth products provides a high quality solution that ensures an excellent resistance and durability. Compared to other materials, such as steel or PVC, rubber cloth is a lighter and easy option to install and it requires less maintenance over time. Choose rubber cloth products as a reliable and convenient solution.

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