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The company

Rulli in gomma personalizzati per le tue esigenze - Termogomma

Who we are

For 50 years Termogomma has manufactured standard,customized,high performance rubber components for small and big realities. Thanks to the balance of additives or to the variation of hardness are developed rubber compounds resistant to chemical agents, high and low temperature oils, vibrations and stresses.

In addition to the production according to the catalog, with many products always in stock, we flank the development of customized compounds that currently represent 80% of turnover. High specialization, quality of raw materials and steady investment in R&D have led Termogomma to become ,in recent years, a known and appreciated company not only by the local market , but also by great national manufacturers, which have later brought our products abroad in the production of their machinery.

Gamma completa di mescole e prodotti in gomma, realizzati con tecnologia all'avanguardia.


To be a strategic partner for companies, able to make you imagine today how to face the future challenges.


Let the client increase competition through products in short times,innovation, continuous improvement and reduction of wastes.


The company was founded in 1972 in Reggio Emilia with slightly more than 4 employees and 200 mq. It soon specialized in the production of: rubber components, standard and special compounds, with or without metal inserts. Termogomma has grown aware of its “know how”, implementing commodity sectors and investing in development and machinery. A precise approach has always distinguished us: to represent a unique interlocutor , a partner to grow with for the local national companies and not only. In fact, the Termogomma method is based on a reciprocal trust relationship in which to design together ( through in depth technical and mechanical advice ) the rubber component of the type of compound, depending on the use.

The entrance in 2022 in ATP Group, leader of the seal systems and plastic production, marks the exponential growth of Termogomma. Termogomma shares with ATP Group the commitment and passion in the production.


Reliability, efficiency, planning ability and convenience are the basis of the relationship between clients and suppliers. We pursue this approach purchasing raw materials and components, only from the most worldwide prestigious brand and guaranteeing productive continuity through a planned review and maintenance system. The resources that daily work with passion, improving the processes and making possible the quality that has marked the company for over 50 years, are the pillars of Termogomma.

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Our journey to excellence
is your way to quality

compounds stock with controlled temperature and humidity

accurate planning that ensures to manage with flexibility and speed every demand.

every stage is managed internally, from the operativity to themaintenance of owned machinery

respect of the project, punctuality in the deliveries and costs reduction

Consigliamo la mescola adatta alle esigenze e interveniamo dopo le prove apportando miglioramenti alla ricetta

High standard of quality thanks to the traceability of the raw materials

Safety and cleanliness of the working place

Staff with technical and handcrafted competences

Important investment in the industrial and process automation

Expertise and assistance to choose how to design the mold, to reduce costs

productive process

How rubber components take shape

If the client needs an item that is not present in the catalog, the client can design and develop it together with the Termogomma technician. Starting from the technical need of the client, the industrial design is analyzed and once the analysis is over, the mold is produced. If necessary, a sampling for tests is advised. Finally, the ordered batch is produced.

We engage every stage of the procedure. Through the operations of preparation to the molding, we take care of every treatment of finishing such as the sandblasting, painting and eventual treatments on the metal inserts to satisfy every demand of use. Thanks to the sandblasting and painting cabin, the metals and clothes that have to be treated before the molding in order to have a great cohesion to the rubber, can be prepared maintaining the maximum quality.

If the customer request is not within the 500 available recipes, we are able to produce special compounds for specific applications. We own two compound production plants: a complete Banbury line and an opened mixers line, with which we supply the presses departments and the reserve stock. The recipe of the compound contains solid, dust and liquids components and additives that together constitute the unvulcanized rubber( it is called compound in its raw state), which is necessary to process with an accelerant (peroxide rather than sulfur or others). The compound is used in the production of orders or sell to customers, in any case it maintains freshness and dexterity because it never remains for a long time stable in stock.

Consequently accelerants are added to the rubber, they improve the vulcanization process and rubber can reach the mold through two productions. We mold both with the compression system, through 17 machinery of the power between 35 and 220 t, and also with an injection system thanks to 13 pants of a power between 150 and 270 t. Every plant is monitored and managed by a highly specialized expert that combines dexterity with technical competences.

In the finishing department takes place: the vision control on every item, the manual deburring. Nitrogen sifters are used for large batches for easy and quick deburring.

Quality and dimensional controls take place on every order to guarantee the respect of the project requirements. Our quality system consists of the internal laboratory that regularly checks the compounds and the measurement office which, with sampling tests on every finished item, guarantees the compliance of the products For the research and quality tests of great complexity, our structures rely on the external support of more qualified laboratories such as the CERISIE.

On which characteristic we bet?

Some of the important properties that can be conferred to the rubber:

Materials available for the production

How do we work rubber?

The injection rubber molding

The injection molding is very used for the production of great rubber batches. The technology is based on the rubber injection into molds after the transfer through a warm chamber continuously supplied in which rubber, transported by an endless screw, starts to fluidify for being later injected into the mold. This is a very productive, fast and ideal system for the production of a great amount of items in a short time.

The compression rubber molding

For the production of small or with specific needs quantities, the recommended technology is the compression molding. The production cycle results are longer than the injection molding. The molds are cheaper and the tools are very quick.

Always looking for new challenges

The strength of Termogomma is the R&D department, where the continuous research of new solutions and development of new products are the main characters. In the laboratory of Termogomma takes place:

  • Quality control of the incoming raw materials and the products produced in the different productive departments
  • Researches and testes that aim to the creation of customized recipes, able to satisfy the requests of the most demanding clientele.
  • Verification test on compliance

All that is made possible thanks to updated instruments and expert technical staff that guarantees precision and reliability. A commitment aimed to pursue the highest quality standard to proper customers and the evolution of Termogomma in the rubber market.