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The right solution for every application

Through more than 500 rubber compound recipes we are able to face every sectors’ needs: from automotive, construction, bioengineering, textile, agriculture, ceramic, food and pharmaceutical industry. Over the years we have provided solutions for the most important italian industries, specializing in the agriculture, earth moving, naval, food, railway and mechanical industry. The Know how matured over 50 years of activity will ensure us to find how to satisfy your company’s requirements, whatever sector it operates, designing together the specific component, guaranteeing maximum performances, reliability and durability.


With Termogomma products it is possible to overcome the problem of temperatures,pressures,speed and vibrations of the mechanical and automotive sector. Our experience together with high quality materials, ensure us to guarantee high performances for the oleodynamic, hydroelectric and pneumatic applications. We select the most suitable material to optimize the reduction of friction and wear, improving the resistance to high pressure, and ensuring the functioning even in the most severe conditions with regard to speed and temperature of use.

Earth moving and agriculture

For the companies operating in the agriculture industry and in the production of major works , the use molded components ,reliable and solid, is essential, as well as finding sealing systems and efficient gaskets That means designing and producing components able to resist external agents, such as dust, uv rays, rain and variable temperatures. Indeed , thanks to the accurate production of the compounds, even tailor made, we are able to face the most stiff parameters with regard to resistance at high pressures, vibrations, contaminant agents and abrasives.

Settori - ferroviario


Supporting this sector means designing overall rubber and metal components for the production of transports , contractor companies and maintenance. Our innovative solutions include bellows, antivibration and gaskets for high pressures. Our compounds for the railway sector respond to the demand of producing self extinguished and with low friction coefficient products.


Termogomma produces components suitable to the food industry, which satisfy the most severe requirements with regard to hygiene and safety. The details developed fall within the positive listed of FDA and other european specific regulations, and there are some compounds in formulation for direct contact with food (MOCA) and drinking water. These certifications reflect the resistance to high and low temperatures, abrasion and aggressive chemical agents.

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