Clothed membrane

Clothed membrane


We develop clothed membrane ready to flex and resist in the most severe conditions.

The membrane consist of two layers of rubber that enclose a textile layer vulcanizes to it. By creating specific compounds for drinking water, we are able to make the best membrane for a wide variety of applications.

Membrane are mainly used in diaphragm valves especially in hygienic and aseptic operations. The adoption of these diaphragms provides an excellent sealing because fluid and rod do not come into direct contact; however, maintenance is required on a regular basis. In fact, the condition of the membrane will have to be checked regularly, especially if the fluid flowing through the valve is loaded with particles solids.

It is essential that the diaphragm material is compatible with the conditions of temperature and pressure to which the latter will be subjected. Thermogomma provides a wide selection of compounds manufactured by us and we are ready to recommend the compound best suited to your needs! Furthermore, we have developed compounds comply to the requirements demanded by the certification FDA, by the regulation 1953 from 2004 (MOCA), by the food industry and by the certifications KTW-W270,UBA,ACS e WRAS for the treatment of materials in contact with drinking water.

Diaphragm valves are mainly used in the agri-food industry and pharmaceutical industry, but they are also frequently used in the chemical industry and ultra-pure applications. The above-mentioned valves are also suitable for slurries and very dense liquids.

Normally the membrane are made of natural rubber of hardness 60 shore A and the textile layer is usually adhered to nylon, but different cloths can be adopted according to specific needs. Rubber is chosen by the client according to his needs and it’s totally customized.

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