Rubber compounds for molding

Termogomma is specialized in the design and production of  high quality rubber compounds, following the client’s specific requirements. Nbr,natural rubber,Epdm,Irr,Butil,Sbr,Fkm(Fpm9), Poliluteran(PU) and Silicon are only some of the regularly processed compounds. 

The expertise, the possibility of a customized compound and the high flexibility ( fast delivery and minimum batches of about 35 kg) represent the added value of the company thanks to its internal mixers, it produces compounds for every sector, implementing mixed cuts between the elastomers and adding filler to increase specific characteristics. 

For the compounds and the products created with them, it is possible to begin certification processes , for example MOCA 1935:2004 FDA for the food industry or KTW and ACS for drinking water. 

What is a compound and how is it created?

The production of the compound represents the crucial stage in the production of rubber items.

The compound is realized through the combination of the elastomer (polymer of the rubber) with specific additives and chemical essences that allows characterization and conferment of physical and mechanical properties as well as a specific color. 

The compound obtained from the mix of this recipe does not correspond to the rubber as we normally understand it. This compound has not the ability of vulcanizing, that means creating chemical bonds that make the material elastic. 


The blending

The manufacturing of rubber goes through a double blending phase. The first (closed mixer), softens the elastomer and blends it to the other liquid and solid components. On the other hand, the second phase (opened mixers) flanks the compound making it more homogeneous and adding additional additives, such as accelerants, in order to prepare the material for the following vulcanization.

Sulfur and Peroxide are the  mainly used mixtures for the acceleration, however the rubber technologists wisely measure the chemical mix depending on the sought result. .

In the lines of the opened and closed mixers, Termogomma produces continuously high quality compounds for its own rubber molding departments, and if necessary, for the direct use of some clients.

The wrought elastomers , depending on the polymers and charges used, obtain highly different  physical and  mechanical charcteristics, answering the needs of endless applications.

Once rubber is characterized and loaded, it is vulcanized in the injection and compression presses where the rubber compound is pressed and warmed and where the elastic bonds, which allow a better resistance to wear, traction forces and weather agents’ action, are created.

We create your succesful recipe

Termogomma provides standard and customized recipes  according to the client’s needs, following the warehousing and vulcanization timing necessities. The choice of producing our compounds internally ensures endless variations in order to adapt to every kind of application and check the quality of the component starting from the basic chemistry. 


Rely on Termogomma means:

Counting on the control of every stage of the process, customizing the standards of quality

Owning certified test about compound and accurate dimensional checks on the finished product. 

Managing unvulcanized rubber to activate in the suitable occasion to avoid any waste

Maximum flexibility in embracing every volume demand

Wide range of compounds and hardnesses in order to satisfy every need

Maximum control on the process parameters

Choose the most suitable compound for you

Standard compounds

Currently, termogomma sells up to 500 compounds, even in small quantities. Every recipe has been reinforced over time and every kind of technology has specific characteristics to excel in one or several aspects.

Special compounds

Our R & D department commits daily to innovative and special compound recipes for the most complex applications, starting from the real conditions and application of use.

Customized compounds

Termogomma is able to employ, depending on the customer’s requirement, different kinds of compounds with different hardnesses through knowledge and expertise matured over the years, guaranteeing the maximum homogeneity and reproducibility. 

We develop every technology of compound, from the transparent ones to the colored, from the pure one to the most charged, both catalyzed by Sulfur and Peroxide, for the injection and compression molding.

Research and development

Termogomma, thanks to its specific laboratories and expert researchers, is able to endure the challenges inflected by the extreme volatility of markets, technological acceleration and decrease of products’ life time. The purpose is to hold a leading role in the Italian and international market and in the proper human resources.

We aim to be a referential supplier for rubber compounds and products , standing out for the excellence of the service, knowledge, quality of products and research

Don’t you know which compound suits your needs?