Transmission elastic Joints


Thanks to its excellent elastic characteristics, the poligo joint finds optimal application between shaft motor and driven shaft in the transmission of motion
Due to its high deformability and excellent damping it absorbs torsional vibrations, which are the main cause of mechanical parts breakages.

It reduces the irregularities of motion. Allows near perfect homokinetic transmission even between two shafts misaligned (cardan angle 4° – 6°); at higher angles, two poligo in series can be assembled together.

Allows AXIAL and RADIAL displacements, absorbing any slight mounting defects. Obtained from selected natural compound, the POLIGO is made of rubber dowels arranged polygonally, in which are embedded metal inserts with through-hole, which are necessary for mounting on the shafts; this mounting is accomplished by means of two metal flanges mounted at the ends of the above mentioned shafts. Widely proven, reliable, usable in various fields including railway, industrial, automotive, the POLIGO is a certainly useful and state-of-the-art item.

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