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We use two manufacturing systems for our masterbatches: a complete Bambury line and aline of open mills; these feed the press sections and provide the supplies for the stores which are air conditioned with constant umidity levels. These two systems enabled us to meet any customer's requirements for both finished and semi-finished products.

We can manifacture special masterbatches for the most unusual applications. Our analisies laboratory provides our customers with definitive feedback on the viability of such applications, which range from motors, to the food industry, from the building to the ship building trade, from bioengineering to clothing, from agricolture to the space industry, from ceramics to promotional decorations.
For the moulding, we use both the compression system with 20 machines between 35 and 220 t and injection moulding, for which we use 10 machines between 150 and 250 t . A percentage of each batch is checked for quality and to ensure that the products are of the correct dimensions and that they comply with design specifications.


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